Beto distancing himself from Cory Booker’s gun control policy

Beto distancing himself from Cory Booker’s gun control policy

Laughable, a Democrat candidate battling over being the lesser of the two gun-grabbing evils…

Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke makes it obvious that a gun control push would mean death to his political aspirations.

While campaigning in pro-gun New Hampshire, Beto was asked about Cory Booker’s gun control policies. His response, “that may be too far.”

Also noteworthy, Bloomberg’s red shirt gun control activists are also commenting on social media that, “Booker is reaching way to far.”

The New York times recently reported that “Mr. O’Rourke continues to support similar policies, including universal background checks, magazine size limits and restrictions on some semiautomatic weapons.”

Slippery maneuvers, to appear nonthreatening to gun owners are also used by WY politicians.



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